WaveDrom static image generator

Wavedrom is a tool programmed by Aliaksei Chapyzhenka that allows users to create technical timing diagrams typically used in electronics. It comes with an online editor to assist the interactive construction of timing diagrams. However, the editor does not server timing diagrams ondemand over the internet. This makes embedding these timing diagrams into forum posts harder since one needs to first export the images, upload them to the forum and then embed them (in case the forum does not have wavedrom support).

This server offers Aliaksei's wavedrom-generator as a service. Paste your wavedrom source script below and copy the generated image link to embed the graphics to any other website you like.

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The REST API can be used by anyone to remotely generate wavedrom plots that can be embedded in online media, solving the hosting issue for wavedrom users.

Link generator


URL: http://wavedrom.craftware.info/rest/generate_link?[type=png][scale=1.0][code=...]

The link generator receives text as input in the post body or optionally in the code POST-argument (one of the two, not both). The maximum text length that can be submitted is 32768 bytes. Any text longer than this will be truncated after 32768 bytes. The result will be the link (text/plain) that will show the wavedrom image. If the wavedrom code contains an error, the result will be the image of an error message.


Image type (optional)

type=png|svg default: png

Determines the type of the image that should be generated.

Image scale (optional)

scale=[float] default: 1.0

Give the scale ofthe image that should be generated as a zoom factor. This value is only valid if type is png and will be ignored in all other cases. Minmal value is .1 and maximum value is 10.0. If the values lies outside the given range the result will be silently clipped to these maximum values.